You Can Carry Pets While Travelling With Air France Airline

Air France is a prominent subsidiary of Air France-KLM Group. Headquartered at Tremblay-en-France, it is the flag carrier of France, serving all its regions efficiently. It is a prestigious, founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance. With a fleet size of more than 240 aircraft, it serves around 200 destinations, worldwide. Frequent fliers with this airline are of the opinion that it offers high-end services and facilities on-board that makes their journey comfortable. This may be a reason why Air France ticket booking is the foremost choice for many travellers from across the globe.

Apart from basic facilities, the carrier also offers provision for carrying pets on-board. People who generally travel with their pet animals are quite pleased with this provision. Travellers with pets in their homes, face a common problem of leaving behind them when they travel. This gets even tough when they are going to someplace, which is far from their hometown, and there is no one else in the house to take care of the animal. In such cases, travellers can search for options for carrying their pets along even them while flying with air ticket international. All that is needed to be done is to collect detailed information provided by various airlines, in this regard. Once fliers get well-versed with the rules and instructions, they can plan their trip accordingly to carry along their pets.

Knowing the Rules

Guidelines for taking animals along, also depends on the destination a person is travelling to. It is necessary to inform the authorities about the situation, at the time of booking the flight. Passengers should have the knowledge of what is allowed to be carried in the cabin and what is needed to be transported through freight. There may be certain routes that restrict the transfer of animals on-board and hence, it should be enquired while reserving the tickets. It is better to talk to travel advisors, who can guide about rules and requirements.


There are certain common guidelines issued by this airline for carrying animals along. The animal should be at least 10 weeks of age and should have received all necessary vaccines. Next, fliers are needed to go through the rules provided by the airline and check whether everything is in accordance to that. If the carried animal is a cat or dog, it must weigh between 6 kg and 75 kg, respectively, failing which, the allowance will be cancelled. A single flier can take a maximum of 3 pets along and this figure may be further restricted for selected routes. Boarding procedure requires travellers to check-in 3 hours prior to departure if they are going on an intercontinental flight. Following these rules carefully lets passengers to have a comfortable and hassle-free time throughout their journey. Besides, opting for this option, travellers must ensure that they have prior accommodation booking at their destination. In case, they are planning to stay for a longer period, then they must consider flight plus hotel bookings as it only helps to save money but ensures confirmed lodging.

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